Filter to determine which Contract records are returned.

Input Fields

account (AccountReferenceFilter)

Filter on Account.

active (Boolean)

Include only if Status matches supplied value.

category (ContractCategoryFilter)

Filter on Category.

createdAt (DateTimeFilter)

Created in supplied range.

customFilters ([ContractCustomFilter!])

One or more filters on the values of custom fields.

customer (OrganizationReferenceFilter)

Filter on Customer.

customerRep (PersonReferenceFilter)

Filter on Customer representative.

expiryDate (DateFilter)

Expiry date in supplied range.

id (IDFilter)

Filter on node ID.

name (TextFilter)

Filter on Name.

noticeDate (DateFilter)

Notice date in supplied range.

query (String)

Free format search query

source (StringFilter)

Filter on Source.

sourceID (StringFilter)

Filter on Source ID.

startDate (DateFilter)

Start date in supplied range.

status (ContractStatusFilter)

Filter on Status.

supplier (OrganizationReferenceFilter)

Filter on Supplier.

updatedAt (DateTimeFilter)

Updated in supplied range.