ChangePhase Object


The fields in this section list which values can be retrieved when querying ChangePhase records.

completedAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the change phase was set to the status "Completed".

createdAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the change phase was created.

id (ID!)

Unique identifier of the object.

name (String)

The name of the change phase.

position (Int)

The position that the change phase takes when it is presented in the change's Gantt chart.

startedAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

Indicates the date and time at which the first change task of the phase was set to a status other than registered or canceled.

status (ChangePhaseStatus)

The current status of the change phase.

updatedAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time of the last update of the change phase. If the phase has no updates it contains the createdAt value.


ChangePhase implements the following interfaces. This means that fragments defined on these interfaces may be used in queries returning a ChangePhase.