4me Developer Documentation

This site describes the resources that are available for developers to build integrations with the 4me service. The following integration options are available:

Create precise and flexible queries for the data you need to integrate with 4me, getting predictable results.
Retrieve, create and update Requests, Changes, CIs, Services, SLAs, People and more with the REST (or REpresentational State Transfer) API.
Bulk API
Import and export large amounts of data with a single API request.
Events API
Configure the monitoring systems to send events to 4me and this specifically tailored API will generate new requests for them.
Mail API
Create a new request by sending an email to the 4me service.
Webhooks API
Receive real-time notifications from the Webhooks API and trigger actions in other applications when changes occur in 4me.
4me Connector
Connect, integrate and automate processes in Workato via the 4me Connector.
Build native and external applications that can access the data of 4me user and/or accounts in a secure way.
Single Sign-On
Use an organization’s existing identity provider to ensure that its employees do not require a separate password to access 4me.
JIT Provisioning
Automate the registration and maintenance of the organization’s end users in 4me.
SCIM Provisioning
Provision and manage users, organizations and sites in your 4me account automatically.
Launch the Service Desk console from the softphones on the computers of the service desk analysts using 4me’s standard computer telephony integration (CTI).