4me partner organizations can use App Offerings to make integrations available to their customers in the Apps section in 4me.

Detailed documentation, including example app offerings that can be set up by developers to familiarize themselves with the framework, is available at the App Builder Framework on Github.

Once the integration has been built, the partner is able to define the new app via the App Offerings section of the Settings console, see the online help.

App Offerings defined in the provider’s account are not visible in the Apps section of the account’s Settings console But the can be installed from the App Offering’s form. This makes it possible to test the new App in the provider’s account.

After all tests are completed the App Offering can be published and the trusted accounts will all see the new integration in their Apps section.

OAuth Authorization

OAuth 2.0 is a protocol that lets external apps request authorization to private details in a user’s 4me account without getting their password.

More information about the OAuth capabilities in 4me are described here.