Value for contact.

Input Fields

id (ID)

Identifier of the object to update using these values. For new objects it should be null.

integration (Boolean)

Can be set to true using this API or the Import functionality. When checked, the contact is displayed as read-only in the user interface to prevent users from updating it.

label (ContactLabel)

The Label of the contact details. Valid values are:

  • fax: only for telephone
  • general: only for organization telephone, email and website
  • home: only for person telephone
  • mobile: only for person telephone
  • personal: only for person email and website
  • service_desk: only for organization telephone, email and website
  • service_desk_fax: only for organization telephone
  • work: only for organization telephone, and for person telephone, email and website
protocol (ContactProtocol)

The protocol of the contact details.

uri (String)

The telephone number, email address, etc.