WebhookPolicy Object

Root Connection

All WebhookPolicy objects of an account are accessible by a query on the root connection webhookPolicies. Such a query will return a WebhookPolicyConnection!, which contains the WebhookPolicy objects in its nodes field.

webhookPolicies (WebhookPolicyConnection!)

Root connection for retrieving WebhookPolicy records.

Argument Type Description
after String

Returns the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

before String

Returns the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

filter WebhookPolicyFilter

Filter to determine which WebhookPolicy records are returned.

first Int

Returns the first n elements from the list.

last Int

Returns the last n elements from the list.


The fields in this section list which values can be retrieved when querying WebhookPolicy records.

account (Account)

The account this record belongs to.

createdAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the record was created.

disabled (Boolean)

Whether the webhook policy will be applied.

id (ID!)

Unique identifier of the record.

jwtAlg (WebhookPolicyJwtAlg)

The algorithm to use for cryptographic signing of webhook messages.

jwtAudience (String)

The audience claim identifies the recipients that the encrypted message is intended for.

jwtClaimExpiresIn (Int)

The number of minutes within which the claim expires.

name (String)

Unique identifier of this webhook policy

updatedAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time of the last update of the record. If the record has no updates it contains the createdAt value.


WebhookPolicy implements the following interfaces. This means that fragments defined on these interfaces may be used in queries returning a WebhookPolicy.