problemCreate Mutation

Creates a new problem.

Input Argument

problemCreate accepts a single input argument, an input type, which contains the values it uses.

The fields inside input are:

agileBoardColumnId (ID)

ID of the column this item is placed in.

agileBoardColumnPosition (Int)

The (one based) position of this item in its column.

agileBoardId (ID)

ID of the board this item is placed on.

analysisTargetAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

Used to specify when the current assignee needs to have completed the root cause analysis of the problem.

category (ProblemCategory)

The category of the problem.

changeId (ID)

DEPRECATED: Use "workflowId" instead.

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

configurationItemIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of configuration items of this problem.

customFields ([CustomFieldInput!])

Values for custom field to be used by the UI Extension that is linked to the record.

impact (ProblemImpact)

Used to select the extent to which the service is impacted when an incident occurs that is caused by the problem. Defaults to none.

knowledgeArticleId (ID)

Identifier of the knowledge article which instructions should be followed to resolve incidents caused by this problem until a structural solution has been implemented.

knownError (Boolean)

Whether the underlying cause of the problem has been found and a temporary workaround has been proposed.

managerId (ID)

Identifier of the person who is responsible for coordinating the problem through root cause analysis, the proposal of a structural solution and ultimately its closure. Defaults to the current authenticated person.

memberId (ID)

Identifier of the person to whom the problem is to be assigned.

note (String)

Detailed description of the symptoms that are caused by the problem.

projectId (ID)

Identifier of the project to link the problem to.

requestIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of requests of this problem.

serviceId (ID!)

Identifier of the service in which instance(s) the problem resides.

serviceInstanceIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of service instances of this problem.

source (String)

An identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system

sourceID (String)

The unique identifier of the resource in an external system

status (ProblemStatus)

The current status of the problem.

subject (String!)

A short description of the symptoms that the problem causes.

supplierId (ID)

Identifier of the supplier organization that has been asked for a solution to the problem.

supplierRequestID (String)

The identifier under which the request to help with the solution of the problem has been registered at the supplier organization.

teamId (ID)

Identifier of the team to which the problem is to be assigned. Defaults to the support team of the service if no team or member is present.

timeSpent (Int)

The time that you have spent working on the request since you started to work on it or, if you already entered some time for this request, since you last added your time spent in it.

timeSpentEffortClassId (ID)

The effort class that best reflects the type of effort for which time spent is being registered.

uiExtensionId (ID)

UI extension that is to be applied to the record.

urgent (Boolean)

Whether the problem has been marked as urgent.

waitingUntil (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the status of the problem is to be updated from waiting_for to assigned. This field is available only when the Status field is set to waiting_for.

workaround (String)

Used to describe the temporary workaround that should be applied to resolve incidents caused by this problem until a structural solution has been implemented.

workflowId (ID)

Identifier of the workflow that will implement the proposed permanent solution for the problem.

Return Fields

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

errors ([ValidationError!])

Errors encountered during the mutation.

problem (Problem)

Record after mutation.