workflowUpdate Mutation

Updates an existing workflow.

Input Argument

workflowUpdate accepts a single input argument, an input type, which contains the values it uses.

The fields inside input are:

category (WorkflowCategory)

The category of the workflow.

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

completionReason (WorkflowCompletionReason)

Used to select the appropriate completion reason for the workflow when it has been completed. It is automatically set to "Complete" when all tasks related to the workflow have reached the status "Completed", "Approved" or "Canceled".

customFields ([CustomFieldInput!])

Values for custom fields to be used by the UI Extension that is linked to the record.

customFieldsAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

The attachments used in the custom fields' values.

id (ID!)

The node ID of the record to update.

justification (WorkflowJustification)

The reason why the change was requested.

managerId (ID)

Who is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the workflow. If a manager is not specified for a new workflow, the API user is selected in the Manager field by default.

note (String)

High-level description of the result that should be accomplished by the implementation of the workflow. It is also used to add any information that could prove useful for anyone affected by the workflow, including the people whose approval is needed and the specialists who are helping to implement it.

problemIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of all problems linked of this workflow.

projectId (ID)

Linked project

releaseId (ID)

The release that the workflow is a part of.

requestIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of all requests linked to this workflow.

serviceId (ID)

The service that will directly be affected by the workflow implementation, or in case of an emergency change, the service that was directly affected by the workflow implementation.

source (String)

An identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system.

sourceID (String)

The unique identifier of the resource in an external system.

startAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the Status field of the first tasks of the workflow will automatically be set to "Assigned".

status (WorkflowStatus)

Automatically set based on the status of the workflow's tasks.

subject (String)

A short description of the objective of the workflow.

templateId (ID)

The workflow template that was used to register the workflow.

workflowType (String)

Used to indicate whether the workflow needs to be implemented following the procedure steps for application changes or for infrastructure changes.

Return Fields

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

errors ([ValidationError!])

Errors encountered during the mutation.

workflow (Workflow)

Record after mutation.