broadcastCreate Mutation

Creates a new broadcast.

Input Argument

broadcastCreate accepts a single input argument, an input type, which contains the values it uses.

The fields inside input are:

body (String)

The body for the email broadcast.

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

customerIds ([ID!])

The customer organizations when the broadcast is to be displayed for the specialists of the account in requests that were received from the selected organizations. This is available only when the "Specialists in requests from the following customers" visibility option is selected.

disabled (Boolean)

Whether the message should not be broadcasted.

emailTemplateId (ID)

The id of the email template used for the email broadcast. This email template needs to be of the type Send Email from Broadcast.

endAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The end date and time of the broadcast. This field is left empty when the message is to be broadcasted until the Disabled box is checked. (If the broadcast should end at midnight at the end of a day, specify 12:00am or 24:00.)

message (String)

Message that is to be broadcasted in the language of the account.

messageType (BroadcastMessageType!)

The appropriate icon for the message. The selected icon is displayed alongside the message when the broadcast is presented.

remarks (String)

Any additional information about the broadcast that might prove useful.

remarksAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

Files and inline images linked to the Remarks field.

requestId (ID)

The request group to which end users can subscribe when they are also affected by the issue for which the broadcast was created.

serviceInstanceIds ([ID!])

The service instances for which the people, who are covered for them by an active SLA, need to see the broadcast. This is available only when the "People covered for the following service instance(s)" visibility option is selected.

slaIds ([ID!])

The ids of the service level agreements for which the customer representatives will receive the email broadcast. This is only available for broadcasts when the message type "email" is selected.

source (String)

An identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system.

sourceID (String)

The unique identifier of the resource in an external system.

startAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The start date and time of the broadcast. (If the broadcast should start at midnight at the start of a day, specify 00:00.)

subject (String)

The subject for the email broadcast.

teamIds ([ID!])

The teams which members need to see the broadcast. This is available only when the "Members of the following team(s)" visibility option is selected.

timeZone (TimeZone)

The time zone that applies to the dates and times specified in the Start and End fields.

visibility (BroadcastVisibility)

Defines the target audience of the broadcast.

Return Fields

broadcast (Broadcast)

Record after mutation.

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

errors ([ValidationError!])

Errors encountered during the mutation.