teamUpdate Mutation

Updates an existing team.

Input Argument

teamUpdate accepts a single input argument, an input type, which contains the values it uses.

The fields inside input are:

agileBoardId (ID)

Used to automatically link records to the agile board when they are assigned to the team.

autoAssign (Boolean)

Whether requests are auto-assigned to a team member.

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

configurationManagerId (ID)

The person who maintains the information about the configuration items that the team supports.

coordinatorId (ID)

The current team coordinator for the team. Only members of the team can be selected in this field.

customFields ([CustomFieldInput!])

Values for custom fields to be used by the UI Extension that is linked to the record.

customFieldsAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

The attachments used in the custom fields' values.

disabled (Boolean)

Whether the team may no longer be related to other records.

id (ID!)

The node ID of the record to update.

inboundEmailLocalPart (String)

Used to specify an email address for the team. When an email is sent to this email address, a new request gets generated and assigned to the team.

managerId (ID)

The manager or supervisor of the team. This person is able to maintain the information about the team. The manager of a team does not need to be a member of the team.

memberIds ([ID!])

People that are linked as member to the team.

name (String)

The name of the team.

pictureUri (String)

The hyperlink to the image file for the record.

remarks (String)

Any additional information about the team that might prove useful.

remarksAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

The attachments used in the remarks field.

source (String)

An identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system.

sourceID (String)

The unique identifier of the resource in an external system.

timeZone (TimeZone)

The time zone that applies to the selected work hours.

uiExtensionId (ID)

UI extension that is to be applied to the record.

workHoursId (ID)

The calendar that defines the work hours during which the team is available for work on all types of assignments.

Return Fields

clientMutationId (String)

A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.

errors ([ValidationError!])

Errors encountered during the mutation.

team (Team)

Record after mutation.