ProviderShopArticle Object


The fields in this section list which values can be retrieved when querying ProviderShopArticle records.

disabled (Boolean)

Whether the shop article is visible in the shop.

endAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

After this moment the shop article is no longer available in the shop.

fullDescription (String)

The full description of the shop article.

id (ID!)

Unique identifier of the object.

maxQuantity (Int)

The largest number of units that may be bought at once.

name (String)

The display name of the shop article.

pictureUri (String)

The hyperlink to the image file for the record.

price (MonetaryAmount)

The price of a single unit.

priceCurrency (Currency)

The currency of the price of this shop article.

recurringPeriod (ShopArticleRecurringPeriod)

The frequency in which the recurring price is due.

recurringPrice (MonetaryAmount)

The recurring price of a single unit.

recurringPriceCurrency (Currency)

The currency of the recurring price of this shop article.

shortDescription (String)

The shop description of the shop article.

startAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The moment the shop article becomes available in the shop.


ProviderShopArticle implements the following interfaces. This means that fragments defined on these interfaces may be used in queries returning a ProviderShopArticle.