Value for a custom collection element.

Input Fields

customFields ([CustomFieldInput!])

Values for custom fields to be used by the UI Extension that is linked to the record.

customFieldsAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

The attachments used in the custom fields' values.

description (String)

Description of the collection element.

disabled (Boolean)

Whether the collection element may not be referenced from custom fields of other records.

id (ID)

Identifier of the object to update using these values. For new objects it should be null.

information (String)

Any additional information about the element that might prove useful.

name (String)

Name of the collection element.

pictureUri (String)

The hyperlink to the image file for the record.

reference (String)

The Reference field is automatically set to the Name field value, written in lower case characters and with all spaces replaced by the underscore character.

source (String)

An identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system

sourceID (String)

The unique identifier of the resource in an external system