Input Fields

ciRelations (DiscoveredCiRelationInput)

Relations to other configuration items.

customFields ([CustomFieldInput!])

Values for custom fields to be used by the UI Extension that is linked to the record.

customFieldsAttachments ([AttachmentInput!])

The attachments used in the custom fields' values.

endOfSupportDate (ISO8601Date)

The date at which the support for this configuration item ends.

inUseSince (ISO8601Date)

The date on which the expense for the configuration item (CI) was incurred or, if the CI is depreciated over time, the date on which the depreciation was started. This is typically the invoice date.

label (String)

The label that is attached to the configuration item (CI). A label is automatically generated using the same prefix of other CIs of the same product category, followed by the next available number as the suffix.

lastSeenAt (ISO8601Timestamp)

The date and time at which the configuration item was last seen.

location (String)

The name or number of the room in which the CI is located, if it concerns a hardware CI.

meta (DiscoveredItemMetaData)

Meta data describing how to process the values supplied.

name (String!)

Name of the configuration item.

nrOfCores (Int)

The total number of processor cores that are installed in the server.

nrOfProcessors (Int)

The number of processors that are installed in the server.

operatingSystemId (ID)

Identifier of the (software) configuration item representing the operating system of this configuration item.

purchaseValue (MonetaryAmount)

The amount that was paid for the configuration item (this is normally equal to the invoice amount).

purchaseValueCurrency (Currency)

The currency of the purchase value attributed to this configuration item.

ramAmount (Int)

The amount of RAM (in GB) of this configuration item.

remarks (String)

Any additional information about the configuration item that might prove useful. When creating a new CI and a value is not specified for this field, it is set to the remarks of the CI's product.

serialNr (String)

Serial number of the configuration item. The concatenation of product's' brand and serialNr must be unique within a 4me account.

service (String)

The name of the service the configuration item is, or will be, a part of. When no value is specified for this field, it is set to the service of the CI's product.

sourceID (String!)

The unique identifier of the configuration item in an external system

status (CiStatus)

The appropriate status for the configuration item (CI).

systemID (String)

System identifier of the configuration item.

userIds ([ID!])

Identifiers of the users of this configuration item.

warrantyExpiryDate (ISO8601Date)

The date through which the warranty coverage for the configuration item is valid. The warranty expires at the end of this day.