Account API

Get an Account

GET /account


Status: 200 OK
  "currency": "usd",
  "locale": "en-US",
  "name": "Widget North America - HR",
  "organization": {
    "id": 8621,
    "name": "Widget North America, Human Resources",
    "account": {
      "id": "widget",
      "name": "Widget International"
  "owner": {
    "id": 660219,
    "name": "James Ballance",
    "account": {
      "id": "widget",
      "name": "Widget International"
  "plan": "premium_plus",
  "start_of_week": "mon",
  "time_zone": "Eastern Time (US & Canada)",
  "time_format_24h": true,
  "url": "",
  "id": "wna-hr",
  "directory_account": {
    "id": "widget",
    "name": "Widget International"
  "strong_privacy": true

The response contains these fields.


Required enum — The Currency field is used to select the currency that is applied to all financial values stored in the account.
Readonly reference to Account — The Directory account field contains a value only for support domain accounts.
Readonly string — The unique ID of the account.
Required enum — The Language field is used to select the language in which the records of the account are stored. It is also the default language that is applied to new Person records.
Required string (max 128) — The Name field is used to enter the full name of the account.
Readonly reference to Organization — The Organization field is set to the organization for which the account was prepared.
Required reference to Person — The Owner field is used to select the account administrator who is allowed to update the billing information and settings of the account.
Required enum — The Plan field is used to select the Plan for the account. Valid values are:
  • basic
  • premium
  • premium_plus
Optional boolean, default: false — The Strong privacy box is checked when access to requests, problems and tasks needs to be restricted to members of the teams to which they are assigned.
Optional boolean, default: true — The Time format field is the default format for displaying time values that is applied to new Person records. When true, times are displayed within the 4me service in the 24-hour format, otherwise the 12-hour format is applied.
Required time_zone — The Time zone field is used to select the time zone that applies to the account’s analytics and report data. It is also the default time zone that is applied to new Person records.
Readonly string (max 50) — The Account URL field contains the web address that is used to access the account.