SCIM Connection


Before connecting the provisioning client to 4me we recommend you to explore the mapping possibilities first.

At least two people need to be involved to connect the provisioning client to 4me:

  1. the 4me account owner to retrieve the 4me connection information
  2. the administrator of the provisioning client to configure the provisioning client

We recommend that you first setup the connection for your QA account to fine tune the mapping.

4me connection information

Login to 4me as the account owner and go to the Settings console. Open the Apps menu and click on the SCIM section. Here you will find your SCIM endpoint and the SCIM access token:


Both values need to be shared with the administrator of the provisioning client.

Important The SCIM access token is confidential and must be shared in a secure way.

Configure provisioning client

The configuration on the provisioning client will be different, of course, for each provisioning client. For some provisioning clients you will find a separate section below with some additional details based on past experience of 4me customers with these provisioning clients.

When your provisioning client is not listed here, please take the following into consideration.

The Endpoint definition states that the Users and Groups resources must be accessible on the following URLs:

Some provisioning clients automatically append /scim or /scim/v2 to the endpoint, while others don’t. The best way to test this is to first provide as the endpoint, then try and fallback to

The SCIM access token is a bearer access token. Most provisioning clients default to this type of access token for the SCIM integration and you can simply copy the 4me SCIM token directly to the provisioning client.

In case the provisioning client requires the full HTTP Authorization header prepend the token with Bearer as follows:

Bearer 9bf7650e318d370b2447355a3d97ecaf52faa9ebb2a9e511286bb692d65fb3ad

Azure AD

Tenant URL

Secret Token 9bf7650e318d370b2447355a3d97ecaf52faa9ebb2a9e511286bb692d65fb3ad

Azure SCIM connection

Google SSO

Coming soon.

Once the 4me SCIM integration is available, the Google team will configure and test the SCIM integration to 4me. After that you should be able to start quickly by turning on the User Provisioning in Google SSO and by providing the SCIM access token.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Rotate SCIM token

4me advises to rotate your SCIM token at least once a year. Login to 4me as the account owner and go to the Settings console. Open the Apps menu and click on the SCIM section and press the Rotate SCIM token button.

Rotate SCIM token

The old SCIM access token will stay valid for another 30 days. This should give you plenty of time to share the new access token with the administrator of the provisioning client (in a secure way).