Configuration Items - Problems API

List all problems of a configuration item

List all problems of the configuration item with a specific ID.

GET /cis/:id/problems


Status: 200 OK
    "created_at": "2016-03-13T10:27:00-06:00",
    "analysis_target_at": "2016-03-20T03:00:00-06:00",
    "sourceID": null,
    "updated_at": "2016-03-14T03:14:13-06:00",
    "service": {
      "name": "Expense Reporting",
      "id": 14,
      "provider": {
        "name": "Widget Data Center, External IT",
        "id": 30
    "member": {
      "name": "Tom Waters",
      "id": 36
    "solved_at": null,
    "subject": "Clicking on the Submit button does not submit new expense report",
    "id": 221,
    "impact": "top",
    "team": {
      "name": "Application Development",
      "id": 7
    "status": "in_progress"

The response contains these fields by default.

Predefined Filters

The following predefined filters are available: