Project Tasks Import

Project Tasks can be imported into 4me using UTF-8 or UTF-16LE encoded comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) files.

Detailed information about the data that can be specified in the columns of a Project Tasks import file can be found in Project Tasks API - Fields.

CSV example

ID,Source,Source ID,Project,Template,Subject,Category,Phase,Supplier,Supplier Request ID,Planned Duration,Start At,Deadline,Anticipated Assignment At,Completion Target At,Assigned At,Finished At,Status,Required Approvals,Urgent,Instructions,Created At,Updated At,Notes,Predecessors,Custom Fields
,,,5450,Obtain estimates from suppliers for cost of purchases,Obtain estimates from suppliers for cost of purchases,activity,Initiation,,,24,,,,,2016-09-28T13:53:00-05:00,2016-10-04T14:13:00-05:00,completed,,0,"Contact suppliers to get an idea of the equipment and services that will need to be obtained for the successful implementation of the project. Be sure to include recurring costs.",2016-12-23T05:09:07-06:00,2016-12-23T05:09:08-06:00,"","",
,,,5450,Estimate internal effort and cost,Estimate internal effort and cost,activity,Initiation,,,8,,,,,2016-10-04T14:13:00-05:00,2016-10-05T15:30:00-05:00,completed,,0,"Work with suppliers to estimate which skills the Widget organization will need to provide, and for how many workdays, to make the project a success. Provide an overview of when these internal workdays will need to be made available during the first 5 years following the start of the project. Determine the costs for this internal effort over these 5 years.",2016-12-23T05:09:07-06:00,2016-12-23T05:09:08-06:00,"",Obtain estimates from suppliers for cost of purchases,
,,,7497,Determine level of risk,Determine level of risk,activity,Initiation,,,16,,,,,2016-12-07T14:40:00-06:00,2016-12-09T16:01:00-06:00,completed,,0,"Describe the different risks that could cause this project to fail.",2016-12-23T05:09:09-06:00,2016-12-23T05:09:10-06:00,"",,
,,,7497,Find sponsor for project,Find sponsor for project,activity,Initiation,,,40,,,,,2016-12-09T16:01:00-06:00,2016-12-10T13:47:00-06:00,completed,,0,"Determine which senior manager might be most interested in seeing this project get implemented.",2016-12-23T05:09:09-06:00,2016-12-23T05:09:10-06:00,",Determine level of risk,
,,,7497,Senior management approval for project,Senior management approval for project,approval,Initiation,,,12,,,,,2016-09-25T14:18:00-05:00,2016-09-27T15:22:00-05:00,in_progress,3,0,"Indicate whether this project should be implemented or not using the 'Approve' or 'Reject' options.",2016-12-23T05:09:06-06:00,2016-12-23T05:09:07-06:00,"",Find sponsor for project,

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