Source and Source ID

The source and sourceID fields keep track of where resources originate from. The source field is used to specify the name of the external system from which the data of a 4me record was obtained. The sourceID field is used to specify the unique identifier or number that can be used to find the record in the source system. When the data that is stored in 4me originates from multiple external systems, the combination of these two fields is used to uniquely identify records in the correct source system.

When building an integration with 4me its is recommended to fill out both these fields while importing resources from an external system into 4me.

An update of the source and sourceID field values of a record can only be performed by an API user who has the Account Administrator role of the account to which the record belongs. If the Account Administrator role does not provide write access to the type of record that needs to be updated, then the API user will also need another role that does give write access to this record type. For example, if an API user needs to be able to update the source and sourceID field values of requests, then this API user will need to have the Specialist role, as well as the Account Administrator role, of the account to which the requests belong.

an identifier for the client application submitting the resource or the name of an external system (limited to 30 characters)
the unique identifier of the resource in an external system (limited to 128 characters)


The source field is filled on creation of a resource with the first non-empty value from:

If all are empty it defaults to the value "4me API".

Source ID

The sourceID field should be passed as a normal parameter.

When references to resources with a Source ID are retrieved from the API, the sourceID field will always be provided, see references.


 $ curl -X POST -H 'X-4me-Source: SomeSD' \
        -d '{"name":"OurServiceDesk", "sourceID":"N1C3AP1"}' \
Status: 201 Created
  "id": 23,
  "name": "OurServiceDesk",
  "source": "SomeSD",
  "sourceID": "N1C3AP1"

Not all request fields are shown above to keep the example simple.