OAuth - Client Credentials Grant

OAuth Client Credentials Grant

The image above illustrates the following 5 steps that complete an OAuth Client Credentials Grant flow from 3rd party applications:

  1. The third-party application performs an access token request to request an access token. The following data is provided by the application:

    • the client ID of the application record in 4me, and
    • the client secret of the application record in 4me
  2. 4me then generates a temporary access token.

    The access token allows the third-party application to retrieve data from 4me using the user linked to the application. An access token is valid only for 1 hour.

    4me returns the access token to the third-party application.

  3. The third-party application uses the access token to make 4me API requests.

  4. 4me returns API responses to the third-party application.

  5. The third-party application uses the data received in the API responses to render a page for the user or perform a background action.

Access Token request

POST https://oauth.4me.com/token


Required string - The client ID that belongs to the application record registered in 4me.
Required string - The client secret you received from 4me when you registered the application in 4me.
Required string - Must be set to client_credentials.


Required string - Temporary OAuth access token. Allows the 3rd party application to retrieve data from 4me on behalf of the user.
The token expires after 1 hour. The token becomes invalid when:
  • the token belonging to the client_id and client_secret is disabled or deleted,
  • the application is disabled.