Products Import

Products can be imported into 4me using UTF-8 or UTF-16LE encoded comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) files.

Detailed information about the data that can be specified in the columns of a Products import file can be found in Products API - Fields.

CSV Example

ID,Source,Source ID,Disabled,Name,Brand,Model,Product ID,Category,Service,Support Team,Remarks,Supplier,Financial Owner,Depreciation Method,Useful Life,Rate,UI Extension,Active CIs,Custom Fields
,,,0,Dell Precision M4400 Laptop PC,Dell,Precision M4400,DL-M4400X1,computer/laptop_pc,Personal Computing,"End-User Support, Chicago","15.4 inch diagonal widescreen display with up to 1440x900 resolution.
2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 processor.
128 GB (solid state), 160 GB, or 500 GB hard disk drive.
2 memory slots for up to 8 GB internal (RAM) memory.
Price indication: $1,500.","Best IT, Inc.","Widget North America, Inc.",straight_line,3,,,276,
,,,0,Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft,,,software/operating_system_software,Personal Computing,"End-User Support, Chicago",License included In PC purchase price.,"Best IT, Inc.","Widget North America, Inc.",straight_line,3,,,2,

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Discovery Tool Integrations

Visit the Discovery Tools page for more information about how the Import API can be used to import Product data that has been discovered by system management tools.