4me offers a large number of icons that you can use in your 4me account, for example to add avatars to your Services or Product Categories, or to use in your Self Service Design.

Icon font

The icons that are used throughout the 4me service are collected in an icon font that can be used in your Self Service Design or UI Extensions.

To view the list of icons in the icon font, go to https://api.4me.com/v1/icons.html.

The list provides the name of each icon, which is needed to display the icon. For example, to display the search icon, include the following in your HTML:

<i class="ii icon-search"></i>

Please note that 4me cannot guarantee that the icon font will stay unaltered. As new functionality is added to the 4me service, new icons will be included in the icon font.
We do strive to keep changes to existing icons to a minimum, and will not make any major changes without due notice.

Individual Icons

Aside from the icons in the icon font, there are also many other icons available. These can be individually downloaded and uploaded as the avatars for your Services and Product Categories. Or you could upload some of them in the 4me Media Library so that they can be used in your PDF designs, Email Designs, Self Service Design, etc.

View the list of all icons, or download them as a zip file.