Releases - Notes API

List notes of a release

List all notes of the release with a specific ID.

GET /releases/:id/notes


Status: 200 OK
    "created_at": "2016-04-27T05:24:00-05:00",
    "person": {
      "name": "Frank Watson",
      "id": 46
    "attachments": [

    "text": "The objective of this release is to automate the update of the exchange rate data in the Expense service Production using the \"Exchange Rate API\": cloud service.",
    "id": 534
    "...": "..."

The response contains these fields by default.

Create a note

POST /releases/:id/notes

When creating a new note the text field must be supplied.


Status: 201 Created
  "id": 12345

The response contains the id of the created note.