Service Offerings - Activity Rates

Service Offering Activity Rates can be imported into 4me using UTF-8 or UTF-16LE encoded comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) files.

You need the Financial Manager role to use this import.

Detailed information about the data that can be specified in the columns of a Service Offering Activity Rates import file can be found in Service Offering - Fields.

CSV Example

Service Offering,Charge Type Top,Rate Top,Rate Top Currency,Charge Type High,Rate High,Rate High Currency,Charge Type Medium,Rate Medium,Rate Medium Currency,Charge Type Low,Rate Low,Rate Low Currency,Charge Type RFC,Rate RFC,Rate RFC Currency,Charge Type RFI,Rate RFI,Rate RFI Currency
Bronze Personal Computing,fixed_price,80.0,eur,,,,time_material,,,,,,fixed_price,60.0,usd,,,

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