Notes Import

Notes can be imported into 4me using UTF-8 or UTF-16LE encoded comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) files.

Note: Currently importing notes is only supported for notes linked to Requests. Notes can only be added, existing notes may not be modified.

Importing notes is only possible via the API, their logging is visible in the “System Logs” section of the UI. This functionality is intended for migration purposes.

Although exporting notes must often be done from a directory account (as public notes belong to the account of the person that added them), importing should be done in the account the referenced record is in (or in the account they should be internal to, if they are internal).


The following columns may be filled in a Notes import.

Created At
Date and time the note was added to the record.
Record Type
Record type this note belongs to (e.g. Request).
Record ID
Identifier of the record the note belongs to.
Person that added the note.
Whether this is an internal or public note.
Type of note (e.g. default).
The text of the note.
URLs of attachments of the note.

Since updating notes is not allowed the import file should not contain an ID column, or that column should only contain blank values.

CSV Example

Created At,Record Type,Record ID,Person,Internal,Medium,Text,Attachments 
2024-06-14T22:42:00+02:00,Request,704520,,0,default,Please propose a new service desk shift schedule for the summer. Work with Krish to ensure that he is comfortable with it. The goal should be to maintain 24x7 first line support for our customers even when some of us will be taking some vacation.,""
2024-06-19T09:27:36+02:00,Request,704520,,0,default,"Hello world ",
2024-06-19T09:27:36+02:00,Request,704520,,0,default,Bye world,