Change to Workflow

In January 2022, the following record types have been renamed:

Similarly, many attributes that contain the word change have also been renamed.

The sections below describe the adjustments to various parts of 4me in more detail.

The APIs remain backward compatible until February 4, 2023. After February 4, 2023, API endpoints and attributes containing the word ‘change’ will no longer be available. To ensure that your own API integrations continue to work after February 4, 2023, please adjust them to use ‘workflow’ instead of ‘change’.

Please make sure to go through the Breaking changes section, to ensure that you are not affected by any of them.


Actions for the account designer of your 4me account

For the most part, all occurrences of the word “Change” in the 4me Service have been renamed by 4me. However, you may still encounter the word “Change” in user-generated content of your 4me account. In particular:

User Interface

The following adjustments have been made to the user interface (4me Self Service and the Specialist interface).

Renamed attributes

Note: The ‘Change manager’ field of Services has not been renamed.

Other renamings


Email templates

PDF Designs

Dashboards and reports

Automation rules

UI Extensions

Status Workflow Pending

The status ‘Change Pending’ has been renamed to ‘Workflow Pending’. Similarly, the id of the status has been renamed from change_pending to workflow_pending.

However, because renaming the id could break many integrations, you can adjust this behavior via the Account Settings of your account.

To continue using the id change_pending in the REST API, GraphQL API, Export API and Webhooks API, enable the account setting “Use deprecated change_pending status in API responses”.

By default, this setting is enabled in existing 4me accounts, and disabled in new 4me accounts. This setting is available until the end of the deprecation period. Once the deprecation period expires, workflow_pending will always be used.



Bulk API

Events API

Mail API

Webhooks API

Breaking changes